What’s the perfect floor plan

What’s the perfect floor plan

In the early 1900’s, it was common for a house floor plan to be framed, dated, stamped, signed and hung in the foyer or entrance way. Such was their status. Why focus on the perfect floor plan?

There’s a good reason much of the initial design process is tied up with establishing the floor plan. Back then, as today, a floor plan lets us understand the essence of a home. The different spaces, how the spaces interact, the outlook and most importantly, the flow.

Nothing to do with the pipes, the flow matches you to a modern, effective, built for you, floor plan. This takes open, easy and committed communication, which is why Longview Homes works alongside you every step of the way. Building a new home is about achieving your hopes and aspirations. Understanding your goals, your timeline and your budget shapes the decisions which need to be made.

So, how do you go about getting the perfect floor plan?

First up, think about size

Is it just you or do you come with a tribe?  Are the spaces big enough to fit the number of people who will use them all at the same time? Is your family up-sizing or down sizing? What about the size of your furniture? Do you have a lot of stuff or are you living the minimalist dream? Are the hall ways wide enough?

Next there’s layout and flow

The very important flow. Do the kitchen, living, dining areas work well together? Likewise, the living room as a singular destination might seem like a great idea, but will most people feel like they need a ticket to go there? Not only is it a good idea to keep the bedrooms away from your entertaining spaces, but also not having the bathrooms open directly onto living or dining rooms is worth factoring in.

Then ask yourself about your lifestyle and priorities

What do you do at home? Do you work from home and need a quiet, airy office? Do you need a large living space for entertaining? A lot of friends and family to stay? What about the laundry? Is the garage the best place for it, or do you need a sole purpose space? Only you truly know your lifestyle and what floor plan feels right to you.

It’s equally important not to get distracted by the finishes. The functionality of the home is the priority, so focus first on the floor plan. Certainly the finishes make a home more personal, but it’s the spaces and their working relationship, which will make a home function well, more than anything else.

A pre-designed floor plan is a helpful start

Finally, you might have found the perfect floor plan for your lifestyle already but a pre-designed floor plan is a helpful start if you haven’t.  Longview Homes has a collection of over 30 inspirational floor plans from which to choose. The extensive range has been put together over many years and thousands of builds.

Be reassured, only the best designs stay in our top 30. These can be modified to fit your lifestyle and are constantly reviewed by our designers and technical experts to ensure we keep alongside current trends and the latest advances.

Either way, the expert design team at Longview will work alongside you, as much or as little as you need, to get exactly the floor plan you want. From a bespoke build to a pre-designed home or anything in between, we are here to help you.

Get in touch with our team or call 0800 100 945 to start your exciting new build journey today.

Longview Homes builds both custom and pre-designed homes of exacting quality, built to last. We have locally owned franchises around the country. It would be our pleasure to take on your building project.

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