The Metra Construction Panel SystemTM uses engineered wood panels made from compressed wood fiber and specially formulated resins. They are made right here in New Zealand from NZ pine wood fibres, precision-cut to your plans, and pre-primed ready to install.

This revolutionary construction system reduces build time significantly. We can have you into your new home in as little as 12 weeks.


Inner strength

  • Engineered wood panels.
  • Extra strength.
  • Panels are engineered and constructed using NZ pine wood fibres and specially formulated resins.
    Their superior quality is repeated with every panel, every time.
  • Made in NZ means there is a high level of quality control.

Move in sooner

  • Using the Metra Construction Panel SystemTM speeds up the build time by 30-50% compared to a traditional timber framed building.
  • Internal work can begin as soon as the ceiling is on, allowing us to work inside and outside at the same time.
  • Panels are pre-cut and primed with a level 5 paintable finish – less sanding and stopping is required, saving time.
  • Walls and ceiling can go up in 1-2 days.
  • Due to precision cutting, there is no need to wait for a site measure to order windows and doors. They can be ordered off the plans before the walls go up.

Extra space

Made from solid panels, the internal walls are slimmer than framing and plasterboard. This means your useable floor space is increased by approximately 6%. This may not sound like a lot, but in a 100m2 home you could gain an ensuite or office, and in a 200m2 you could have an extra double bedroom.


Stands up to all the knocks

  • Metra Construction PanelsTM are incredibly solid at 640kg/m3 density they are almost impossible to dent!
  • Stands up to the knocks of everyday life, including children, pets and moving house.

Metra Construction Panel System Build compared to Traditional Framing Build

(Subject to conditions)

Traditional build

Time: 4-6 months

Speed: Framing takes up to 3 weeks

Water: Watertight from 9 weeks after foundations laid

Delays: Potentially months

Metra Construction Panel System Build

Time: From as little as 6 weeks

Speed: Walls and ceilings up in 1-3 days

Water: Weathertight from 2 weeks after foundations laid

Delays: Minimal wet weather delays

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