Building new homes fast

Building new homes fast

There’s never been a greater need for more housing than right now. And that means building new homes, fast. According to experts, we’re looking at three urgent priorities in New Zealand in 2021. Of course, they’re all biggies but one of them is new, affordable housing. There are no prizes for guessing that COVID-19 and climate change are the other two.

Every new dwelling makes a difference

Quite obviously, our housing issues are not going to be fixed overnight, but every single new dwelling makes a difference. One house at a time. Last month, Stats NZ said almost 38,000 new homes were consented in the year to October 2020. That’s massive. The highest number since 1974. And while consents are not the same thing as new homes, it shows we are getting on with building new homes. And we need to keep getting on. That’s where Longview Homes can help. Because Longview Homes uses prefabricated panels which means homes can be built much faster.

Prefabrication is a real advantage

Prefabrication technology is a real advantage, as it allows the walls to be built off-site resulting in an uncompromised and streamlined build. It means less waiting around for the tradies to coordinate the various stages. Essentially, as soon as the ceiling is in place, work can start on the finishing inside.

We can modestly say, this fantastic, prefabricated panel technology* has been streamlined and advanced over the past 25 years and has been used in more than 9,000 Longview builds throughout New Zealand. *Metra Construction Panel SystemTM

A new home in as little as three months

The engineered panels replace traditional timber framing and plasterboard. Because they are precision cut to your plans off-site, windows and doors can be pre-ordered, without having to wait for a site measure. This construction method results in a super-durable and weathertight performance making for warmer and drier homes. Longview can build a new home in as little as three months, whereas most New Zealand homes take around six to eight months to build. Building new homes fast is a significant advantage.

More floor space

Not only does this fantastic construction system reduce build time significantly, but because the panels are slimmer than standard framing and plasterboard, it also increases your usable floor space by approximately 6%. This may not sound like a lot, but in a 100m2 home, it means an en suite bathroom or an office.

Fast, cost effective, warm and dry

Prefabricated builds are the way of the future. Not only are they durable, warm, dry and fast to build, they’re also cost-effective. That’s huge when so many New Zealand families desperately need affordable homes. Be sure to check out The Benefits of a Fixed-Price Contract When Building Your New Home for some top tips. At Longview Homes, we offer you fast, cost effective, warm and dry homes using structural, prefabricated engineered panels.


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