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At Longview Homes, we are proud to be New Zealand owned and operated, with locally owned franchises throughout the country ready to work with you.

Building with Longview Homes is the smart choice. Using Metra Construction PanelsTM, an innovative building system that reduces build time while improving the usable space and durability, your home will stand the test of time and look great for years to come.

metra construction panels - improving build time, usable space and durability


Construction times are 30-50% faster than traditional methods, this means a single-level home on a flat site can be finished in about 12 weeks.

All our building contracts are Fixed Price Contracts, which include and detail on-site factors in the quotation. Factors such as the slope of the section, soil conditions, availability and location for connection to services and proximity to the coast may all affect the cost of building your home.

Longview Homes are built with solid wall panels which are then insulated to levels above the NZ Building Code. They are designed to stay warm and dry providing your family with a healthy environment that feels as good as it looks.

Because we use Metra Construction PanelsTM for the walls and ceilings, they are almost impossible to damage. Dents and chips in the walls will be a thing of the past. This makes them ideal as low maintenance rental properties and homes for children and pets.

  • If you have site access issues, we can build your house in our yard and transport it on site in a finished state.
  • We don’t only build houses! We can build anything, from a granny flat to a school hall.
Licensed Building Practitioner Registered Master Builders New Zealand Certified Builders Association

For your peace of mind, each Longview Homes NZ franchise is either a Registered Master Builder or a New Zealand Certified Builder. Please talk to your local franchise for more information.

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