What it takes to build new in 2021

What it takes to build new in 2021

There are quite a few metaphors used to describe the current housing market. Most of these refer to variations of temperature. It can be red hot or white hot. And just this week, the government and the Reserve Bank referred to new lending criteria as an attempt to cool sky rocketing prices. Heating or cooling, despite the language, there’s definitely clear encouragement to move away from buying existing homes, so let’s have a look at what it takes to build new in 2021.

Good news on borrowing

While interest rates are set to rise, securing a loan is still an appealing investment proposition. The government is keen to see a stable banking sector which means encouraging banks to reduce the number of low deposit loans. Meaning a move from twenty to ten percent of their total lending. This will not benefit first home buyers particularly but the LVR’s are lower on new builds and the Bright Line test is five years not ten. Effectively good news and a clear advantage if you’re wanting to borrow for a new build.

A piece of green space

Despite the move on interest rates, land is possibly the biggest pinch point right now, although the $3.8 billion Housing Acceleration Fund was a positive announcement a few months back. It’s money ear marked to provide the necessary infrastructure to unlock more bare land for new housing. Encouraging if you’re looking for a piece of green space. If you’re in the position to subdivide or even want to clear away an existing dwelling, Longview Homes can certainly take care of excavation and site development.

House, land and climate – a symbiotic threesome

Once you’ve secured land, it’s a case of maximising the site. About looking at the orientation of the view, the sun and certainly the prevailing wind. Considering our temperate south pacific climate and the impacts of the wind, sun and rain, it’s best not to underestimate the influence of the local weather and, with climate change upon us, this has never been more important. Effectively, it’s about matching the house to the land to the climate – a symbiotic threesome.

Confidence in design

If you’ve got something in mind in terms of design, Longview Homes’ expert knowledge will help guide you carefully through the design and build process. That’s part of the beauty of using a building company that has the experience of 25 years and over 9,000 builds. Longview Homes knows what works and what doesn’t, so you can be confident you’re receiving the right advice in terms of designing what will be your bespoke dream home.

An inspirational range

It may be that you’re happy to browse through our ready to wear range as it were, and choose from the selection of over 30 inspirational, new pre-designed homes. After all, the idea of designing a new home from scratch would send many of us heading for the hills. And the beauty of a pre-designed home is that they are constantly reviewed by our designers and technical experts to ensure we are absolutely on point with current trends and the latest materials.  This means your dream home comes with total road tested reassurance.

Prefabrication technology

And finally, building new with Longview Homes comes with the advantage of prefabrication technology*. This allows the walls to be built off-site resulting in an uncompromising and streamlined build. Essentially, as soon as the ceiling is in place, work can start on the finishing inside.  This means less waiting around for the tradies to coordinate the various stages. It also means a faster build time, so you can move in sooner.

And there you have it, a quick round trip around what it takes to build new in 2021.

Longview absolutely stands behind the fantastic, prefabricated panel technology* Metra Construction Panel System TM 

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