Why Building New Is The Way To Go

Why Building New Is The Way To Go

When you’re building new, you can choose a stunning pre-designed home or have one designed just for you. There are so many exciting possibilities building from scratch, so let’s take a look at why building new is the way to go.

A home to suit your lifestyle

From the day you move in, your personal style is already everywhere, so your new home will really feel just like home! One of the biggest benefits of building a new home, is being able to create a house that’s especially made for you. It gives you a chance to really think about what you want, what sort of lifestyle you lead and to then build a home that meets your needs.

While each new build project is unique, you are welcome to start from a plan of Longview’s many stunning, pre-designed homes. These can be readily changed to suit your lifestyle and reflect your individual taste and style. An easy starting point, which is sure to give you some great ideas.

Less maintenance gives you more time

This can’t be said often enough, but building new offers the major benefit of giving you more time so you can get on with the important business of living your life. Home maintenance is a weekly job in many older homes. Think leaks to fix, roofs to repair, walls to paint and ceilings to insulate and so on! Your new home will be built with the latest hard wearing and durable materials including high grade insulation and glazing, giving you many more carefree weekends.

The latest building standards and smarter living

A home built new is built to the latest building standards. With the ever-increasing efficiency of building materials and design, you’ll get the best outcome for your investment. A 2020 new home is warmer, drier and healthier than ever before. A new home features the latest energy efficient systems, giving you greater ambient living and lower energy bills. The latest technologies mean easier and more comfortable living. Smarter living.

Partnering with Longview means you get a dedicated team with 25 years’ experience to guide you through the building process. We will keep you updated every step of the way to ensure your new build is on time, on budget and meets the specifications perfectly. And reassuring to know we only use qualified Master Builders or New Zealand Certified Builders.

Your new home comes with quality guaranteed

All new homes are covered under The Building Act 2004, which effectively gives you a 10-year guarantee. Strict guidelines and regulations mean you’ll be covered should any issues arise. Be it relating to structural, maintenance or weather-tightness. Quality assurance includes a fixed build price, so you have peace of mind from the start. Knowing how much it will cost upfront. Knowing our processes are finely tuned, so we can say with confidence that every Longview Home is built to last, to the same exacting standards of quality.

It would be our pleasure to take on your building project. Get in touch with our team or call 0800 100 945 to start your exciting new build journey today.

Longview Homes builds both custom and pre-designed homes of exacting quality, built to last. We are a New Zealand owned and operated company with locally-owned franchises around the country.

All Longview Homes franchisees are members of Master Builders or New Zealand Certified Builders.



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