Add maximum value to your new build

Add maximum value to your new build

As you plan your dream home, bach or next investment, it’s important to add maximum value to your new build. After all, who knows what the future might bring and when you might want to sell. So no matter how big your new build and when you might want to sell, budget and value are always important.

Have a look at these key areas to make sure your new build holds maximum value within your budget.

Kitchen dynamics

Aim to hide normal bench clutter such as jugs, toasters and coffee machines. A carefully designed walk-in pantry will do this. Likewise, a kitchen island will add out of sight storage space, at the same time as providing a great central hub for friends and family.

A well-designed kitchen can be a key factor when it comes to selling your home.

Keep it simple

With creative and clever design, a simple square or rectangular footprint does not have to be boring. Complicated floor plans can add cost but not necessarily value. Forget preconceptions about rectangles. Create interest and excitement with porches, decks and ingenious modern lighting.

Does the bath still have it?

The idea of a large bath is universally appealing but actually ask yourself how often in the last year have you had a soak in a bath? It’s a lot of space to put aside for a once in a five-year event! Consider skipping the bath for a bigger, more luxurious shower. Or adding more tiles and more glass to your bathroom instead. Or consider using higher-spec fixtures.

A range of materials

Different finishes and materials add interest to the outside of your home. As such they’re an easy way to add value while keeping the budget under control.

About the roof

It doesn’t have to be complicated to create the wow factor. By using the right materials and colour contrasts, a simple roof shape will help lower costs and create streamlined aesthetics.

Built-in storage

Great storage adds appeal and value when selling and is so useful when planned well. It’s the little things which make a big difference. Like a place near the front door to put your muddy winter boots or a generous technology hideaway in the living room.

 And there’s landscaping

Although you’ll need to allow a few years of growth to make the most of your investment, a beautifully landscaped garden adds value to every home. Make planting a priority early on and don’t be afraid to get expert advice about plant variety and placement.


Finally, it’s completely natural to think about maximising your new home’s potential value within your budget. Know your design and budget is safe with us. Know our processes are finely tuned, so we can say with confidence that every Longview Home is built to the same exacting standard of quality and value.

Check out our blog on The Benefits of a Fixed-Price Contract When Building Your New Home for more important tips when it comes to building your new home.

Longview Homes has locally owned franchises around the country. It would be our pleasure to take on your building project in any region in New Zealand. Get in touch with our team or call 0800 100 945 to start your new build journey today.



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