Top tips on how to choose a new pre-designed home

Top tips on how to choose a new pre-designed home

Choosing a new pre-designed home is a time when you can dream big and anticipate the thrilling day you’ll move into your new home.

We’ll make it a smooth and exciting journey

Frankly, the idea of designing and building a new home from scratch would send many of us heading for cover, having no idea where to start or what to do. Which is why Longview Homes has a collection of over 30 inspirational, new pre-designed homes from which to choose. And why Longview’s vast design and building knowledge will make it a smooth and exciting journey for you.

Our last blog touched on the major benefits of choosing a new, pre-designed home. Why you would choose one. Now, let’s have a look at our top tips on how to choose a new pre-designed home.


Tip # 1. Consider your key requirements

A house plan determines the layout of a home. Like many life decisions, there are a number of factors to consider in order to narrow down your selection and choose the layout which is right for you.  First there are the basics, like the number of people in your household; who lives in your household: who might be living in your household in the future and the distinctive characteristics of your building site. After all, it’s no good choosing a home that isn’t going to fit your building platform!

Then there’s lifestyle considerations. Do you like entertaining? Would you prefer to have your living designed around a particular interest? Are two bathrooms non-negotiable? That sort of thing.


Tip # 2. Find the right design for you

Once you’ve got an idea of what you need, head to the Longview website. There you’ll find a collection of inspirational, new pre-designed homes. This collection has been put together over many years and thousands of builds. The plans are constantly reviewed by our designers and technical experts to ensure we keep alongside current trends and the latest materials. Only the very best stay in our top 30.

Use the design selector to choose the number of bathrooms and bedrooms you’re after, then the floor area to suit: from big living on a small footprint with the good looking and compact 56m2 Matuara design to the expansive four-bedroom, two living room Ponga design at 317m2. Alongside each design, the corresponding floor plan is ready to view and download.


Tip # 3 Use the expert design team for the look you want

Just because it’s a pre-designed home, doesn’t mean it can’t reflect your style. In saying that, the expert design team at Longview will work alongside you, as much or a little as you need, to get exactly the look you want. From décor to colours plus fitting and finishes. If you find it hard to decide, don’t worry, you don’t have to be an interior designer to create the home you’ll love.


Tip # 4 Check what variations are included

Longview Homes offers you peace of mind and the certainty of a fixed-price contract. Despite the name, virtually all fixed-price contracts allow for some price flexibility to the building work during construction. This is to provide security for the builder against the risk of escalating costs. Let’s say you want the flexibility to upgrade to a professional chef’s kitchen. The contract should specify how the components are to be valued and how the contract price will be adjusted. Transparency is key with variations.

Longview Homes will keep you updated every step of the way to ensure your new build is on time, on budget, and meets the specifications perfectly.

Now all that’s left is to sign the contract and let the build begin!

Longview Homes builds both custom and pre-designed homes of exacting quality, built to last. We have locally owned franchises around the country. It would be our pleasure to take on your building project.

Get in touch with our team or call 0800 100 945 to start your exciting new build journey today.

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