The Latest Build Trends for 2020 and Beyond

The Latest Build Trends for 2020 and Beyond

More Choice for New Homeowners

2020 has certainly been a year of change for most of us. And while it’s not been without its challenges, we’re excited to see some of the build trends that 2020 brings to the construction industry.

The latest build trends for 2020 and beyond mean there are more choices for new homeowners with an overriding common theme: a commitment to sustainable development and a focus on reducing our environmental impact.

The building industry is showing a positive trend towards increased productivity and innovation. Undoubtedly, harnessing this productivity will bring tangible benefits – including energy efficiency and design innovation – to both owners and builders.

Interactive Technology and Design

These days, visualising how a design will look is made easier with virtual reality and technology. Interactive design tools help explore the proposed design of your new home before the plans have even moved to the building site. This is evolving technology and will have many advantages in the future.

More Sustainable Building Practices

At Longview Homes, our focus is on reducing our impact on the environment and promoting sustainability in new builds. As a new home builder, we want to offer you more sustainable building practices.

Making choices based on the sustainable practices of a business is the way of the future and waste minimisation is part of that. 

Less waste and more energy efficient outcomes offer encouraging results, while the drive for lower carbon emissions and the positive environmental effect of energy efficiency are numerous. Two benefits include better thermal performance and better insulated homes at a lesser cost.

Growth in Modular Paneling

While this is not a new construction trend, be prepared to see modular paneling and prefabricated home construction grow exponentially. Be prepared to see huge development in showcasing green and more passive building design. The pre-measured paneling is cut to the exact specifications which speeds up build time and reduces waste.

The modular paneling used by Longview Homes-  Metra® Construction Panels – are both durable and strong. At 640kg/m3 density, the engineered wood panels are made from compressed New Zealand grown pine wood fibres and specially formulated resins. The panels are precision-cut off site, primed and ready to install.

In the last 25 years over 9,000 New Zealand building projects have successfully used Metra® Construction Panels.


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