Exciting Design Trends for 2020

Exciting Design Trends for 2020

Our most recent blog talked about the latest build trends and has an overriding common theme: a commitment to sustainable development and a focus on reducing our environmental impact. We all want that, so be sure to check it out. Moving on to exciting design trends connects the build to the design, so read on!

Connect with Nature

Being in and around nature feels particularly good at any time and even more so right now. In a year like no other, it’s easy to see why natural timbers and finishes are design trends for 2020 and are set to continue. Think concrete and stone for interior and exterior surfaces – both to connect with nature, plus a look that oozes structure, tranquillity and calm. Likewise, laminate floors using timber veneers look great, along with being scratch resistant and a warm surface to walk on.  A winning combo and why they’ll also continue trending well past 2020.

Matt and Black

Matt, on the finishes and fittings, is replacing the trend for chrome and shiny. Everything from door handles to tap ware. And black – who can miss the black. You could go the whole hog and choose black for all your kitchen appliances. Or change it up with a mix of black and earthy tones. Black also moves to the bathroom. Check out the matt black toilets now on the market and expect to see more of it.

Walk in Pantries and Sculleries

Dishwashers helped start the revolution to more open plan living in the 1950’s. Removing the mess to the dishwasher, meant the kitchen transformed into a more inviting place to entertain and congregate. Now the popularity of walk in pantries and sculleries is taking the dirty dishes challenge to a whole new level. A different room to hide the mess, almost sounds like we have come the full circle!

The Statement Sofa

Practical considerations have often dictated furniture trends. Brown leather sofas were huge in the 2000’s until grey took over at the beginning of the last decade. It seems strong colours, such as saffron and burnt orange, are now in hot demand, particularly for a statement sofa or standalone piece of furniture. Check out the furnishing fabrics – lots of modern florals set against a backdrop of natural finishes.

Indoor Plants

The question is, do you channel your inner 1970’s and surrender to the indoor plant trend? While it’s been around for a few years now, it’s set to continue. Whether or not you choose to embrace macramé pot hangings is up to you, but it’s definitely a bonus if you have green fingers to keep your indoor plants thriving and looking good.  Without doubt, ditching anything plastic in favour of more natural alternatives, both in a decorative and design setting, is a trend also set to continue. 

Patterns and Textures

Tiles provide pattern and texture. No longer totally utilitarian in purpose, tiles are being used on the walls and surfaces of many spaces to provide personality and character. But if you’re saving your budget for other things, do not worry, as you can achieve a similar sort of impact by clever use of stencil and ink. Think vintage design in earthy tones to recreate the old-world charm of Italy and Greece.

No matter what your taste or the latest trend, here at Longview Homes, we help you make the choices you need, to achieve the design and look of a home you’ll love.

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