Downsize to a new home while maintaining your lifestyle

Downsize to a new home while maintaining your lifestyle

So, you’re thinking you no longer need to be in the big home you’ve lived in for years. There are many reasons to downsize. Maybe the children have grown up and left home, or it’s time to have more capital to do the things you want to do. Or you simply want to have more time, free from the burden a large home inevitably brings. Whatever your motive, it’s important to know you can downsize to a new home while maintaining your lifestyle.

Making the move can mean more money in your pocket, but transitioning from a spacious property to a smaller new home shouldn’t mean a compromise on your quality of life.

It will come as no surprise that new homes need available land, so you might need to live in a new area of town or move to a different part of the county. This will impact on different commute times or even accessibility to services. You could be wanting to downsize to a new home to be nearer family. Whatever the case, keep close to the things that make you happy.

Statistics NZ show that single person households are increasing and this trend is set to continue. Social connections impact our well-being and some of these connections are definitely linked to location. If you’re on your own, ask yourself, if you really want to move out to the country? A city might be a better fit for easy access to events, clubs and restaurants.

Your new home’s location will play a big part in your happiness, so whether it’s town or country, the beach or the bush, choose somewhere that suits your lifestyle, so you can do the things you love.

A common motivation for moving is spending less time maintaining the grounds and attending to the upkeep of a big property. It’s very freeing, not to be weighed down by the maintenance concerns of a large home and cannot be underestimated. A new downsized home comes with loads of time to enjoy your lifestyle, without the worries of repairs and maintenance.

You may take up playing a new instrument or decide you’re going to join a biking club or simply want to catch up with old friends. Whatever the case, having more spare time to do the stuff you enjoy doing is pretty appealing. Safe and sound in your new downsized home, you definitely can maintain your quality of life.

If you’re downsizing to a new home, you should expect a low maintenance and highly durable home. Every Longview Home franchise is either a Registered Master Builder or a New Zealand Certified Builder so you can be sure you’re getting a new home of exacting standards, that is built to last. A home with materials performance and build quality guaranteed, trusted new home builders will offer a guarantee.

Embrace your new downsized home – just remember to lock the door behind you when you leave on your next adventure!

Longview Homes build homes of exacting quality, built to last. We have locally owned franchises around the country. It would be our pleasure to take on your new building project.

Get in touch with our team or call 0800 100 945 to start your new build journey today.

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