Build Your First Home for the Same Price or Less than an Existing One

Build Your First Home for the Same Price or Less than an Existing One

Here at Longview Homes, we know the time and effort first home buyers put into searching for a house to call home. Did you know you can build your first home for the same price or less than an existing one?

And when you eventually find something, there’s always a compromise between what you want and what you can afford. While you like the living area and be prepared to put up with one bathroom, the kitchen has seen better days and the second bedroom looks more like a cupboard.

Here’s the thing, buying your first home is likely the biggest investment you’ll ever make, so why settle for less? If you could build your first dream home for the same price or even less than an existing one, why wouldn’t you?

Get the bathroom, bedrooms and kitchen you want

Building your own home makes sense. You get the bathroom, bedrooms and kitchen you want, with no or very low maintenance costs because everything is brand new.

You get to be part of building a home you’ve helped design inside and out, with the floor coverings, fittings and even paint colour to your specifications. And the best part is, a new build usually costs the same as buying a used home or in some cases, even less.

Building a new home is faster than you think

Can’t wait that long to move in? Add up the amount of time you’ll spend searching for a house plus the time you’ll need to make a decision on which house is the best compromise. Plus the time to find the real estate agent, to negotiate and to deal with the lawyers. The list goes on.

Instead, you could be designing, building and creating your brand new home in the same amount of time. And not just any home, but a home that’s your own; one that fits your individual needs, wants and even dreams!

There are no real estate agents, no commissions, no extra or hidden fees…plus, the risks are reduced because you have a fixed price contract for your new home which means no uncertainty when it comes to price.

Some of the advantages of building new with Longview Homes

  • Construction times are 30-50% faster with solid  wall Metra® Construction Panels. This means a single-level home on a flat site can be finished in as little as 12 weeks.
  • The Metra® Construction Panels used for the walls and ceilings are almost impossible to damage, making dents are a thing of the past. Ideal for families with children and pets as well as low maintenance rental properties.
  • Manufactured in New Zealand, the Metra® Construction Panels are designed to keep homes warm and dry.  Providing your family with a healthy environment that feels as good as it looks.
  • If you have site access issues, we can build your house off-site and then transport it on, finished.

Get in touch with our team or call 0800 100 945 to find out more about building your dream home. We’ll set up an initial free consultation to talk through your wish list, absolutely obligation and pressure free. We look forward to hearing from you!

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