Why now’s a good time to build

Building and new residential builds in particular have been super-hot topics this year. Hardly a day goes by without a tsunami of information defining the status of the industry. Notwithstanding public health, it comes in a close second at the top of the daily news reel. You could say with Covid-19, labour shortages and global […]

Home buyers save by choosing to build new

With our borders closed, we’ve all been travelling around Aotearoa a lot more lately. With the possible exception of the last challenging nine weeks, we’ve totally embraced holiday roadies, discovering new sights and visiting family and friends. Domestic tourism has never been this busy. The same goes for the building industry. Signalled by large collections […]

Supply chain issues in the building industry

It’s been brewing in the background for a while now. A little bit like your grandmother’s home-made ginger beer, waiting for the moment to pop all over the tidy pantry and peach preserves. Supply chain issues in the building industry have not been quite so explosive but they have certainly been brewing for some time. […]

What it takes to build new in 2021

There are quite a few metaphors used to describe the current housing market. Most of these refer to variations of temperature. It can be red hot or white hot. And just this week, the government and the Reserve Bank referred to new lending criteria as an attempt to cool sky rocketing prices. Heating or cooling, […]

Sustainable choices and strong wool carpet

If we’re talking NZ’s biggest exports, it’s all about dairy, beef, kiwifruit and wine, and seafood. Just this week, it was reported that we produce enough food to feed roughly 40 million people. Nowhere on that export list is wool. Or indeed strong wool carpet. A huge role in our economy Sheep farming has played […]

Advantages of using a building franchise

We’ve covered a few topics around doing due diligence on choosing your builder. About the importance of doing lots of due diligence actually. You might not know who your builder’s going to be at the beginning of your new build journey but there’s a few horror stories out there, which brings us to the advantages […]

The price of building a house in NZ

Have you ever day dreamed about living in your amazing dream house? You know, something not too huge but definitely new and stunning. Somewhere private and sunny, down a long drive, surrounded by beautiful trees, with preferably an expansive ocean view. That sort of thing. Luckily, dreams don’t come with price tags, so let’s take […]

Building Industry Standards

It’s agreed, structural integrity and building industry standards should be taken very seriously with any new build. There’s been a lot of talk lately about compliance and benchmarks in the New Zealand building industry. It’s hardly reassuring to find that the minimum building code is some builders’ maximum. That’s why it’s so important to do […]

Why invest in new builds

If you were wondering whether to invest in a new or an existing property, the Government’s announcement on March 23 probably sealed the deal. The radio presenter announced in breathless tones, “Clear advantages exist for investors with new builds. The proposed changes released by the Government will be put into legislation and come into force […]

New Build Checklist for Investors

You could certainly say that new builds have fewer issues for investors than existing properties. This is partly because they are far more likely to meet the criteria in the healthy homes legislation. Healthy homes standards made the biggest difference While changes to the Residential Tenancies Act took effect in August 2020, what has made […]

Is it cheaper to buy or build in 2021

Looking at the numbers from Stats NZ, our population grew by a firm 100K in the year to 2020, pushing us over the 5 million mark for the first time. You don’t have to be an expert to know that falling build numbers over the past 40 years combined with population growth has meant pressure […]

Find the right piece of land

You’ve got the land, the finance, the plan and you love your builder! You’re all set and ready to go. Getting your ducks in a row is pretty satisfying, whatever your mission. Particularly so, when you’re planning to build a new home. Lining up your ducks takes a number of logical steps, so let’s focus […]

Building new homes fast

There’s never been a greater need for more housing than right now. And that means building new homes, fast. According to experts, we’re looking at three urgent priorities in New Zealand in 2021. Of course, they’re all biggies but one of them is new, affordable housing. There are no prizes for guessing that COVID-19 and […]

What’s the perfect floor plan

In the early 1900’s, it was common for a house floor plan to be framed, dated, stamped, signed and hung in the foyer or entrance way. Such was their status. Why focus on the perfect floor plan? There’s a good reason much of the initial design process is tied up with establishing the floor plan. […]

Is 2021 a good time to build?

Building new might sound like a daunting prospect, particularly if you consider what was 2020. And while 2021 may not look any more familiar or normal in many ways, getting straight to the point, there’s never been a better time to build! With all the talk about the market and a housing shortage, every single […]

5 simple ways to get the best bathroom

Bathrooms can sometimes be the most utilitarian of spaces. Generally, not a social space. But a place to get the job done. Sometimes not assigned a view or sun and more often, in the way of European design, not even a window. But they can also be places of calm, tranquillity and beauty. So, let’s […]

Why Building New Is The Way To Go

When you’re building new, you can choose a stunning pre-designed home or have one designed just for you. There are so many exciting possibilities building from scratch, so let’s take a look at why building new is the way to go. A home to suit your lifestyle From the day you move in, your personal […]

Why rent when you can buy

Right now, mortgage interest rates are at an all time low. They are forecast to stay low. Rents are at an all-time high and, with pressure on housing supply, are forecast to stay high. Marry these two things up and you have a sound platform to start your ‘why rent when you can buy’ conversation. […]

Top tips on how to choose a new pre-designed home

Choosing a new pre-designed home is a time when you can dream big and anticipate the thrilling day you’ll move into your new home. We’ll make it a smooth and exciting journey Frankly, the idea of designing and building a new home from scratch would send many of us heading for cover, having no idea […]

Exciting Design Trends for 2020

Our most recent blog talked about the latest build trends and has an overriding common theme: a commitment to sustainable development and a focus on reducing our environmental impact. We all want that, so be sure to check it out. Moving on to exciting design trends connects the build to the design, so read on! […]

The Latest Build Trends for 2020 and Beyond

More Choice for New Homeowners 2020 has certainly been a year of change for most of us. And while it’s not been without its challenges, we’re excited to see some of the build trends that 2020 brings to the construction industry. The latest build trends for 2020 and beyond mean there are more choices for […]

More Great Kitchen Design Secrets

Our last blog covered the top 5 kitchen design secrets but there are other key elements that are definitely worth a mention. It’s such an important space, so let’s look at more great kitchen design secrets around lighting, fixtures, colour and finishes.   Lighting, lighting, lighting   We’ve probably all been in a kitchen where […]

5 Kitchen Design Secrets

It may not come as a great surprise to know we spend a huge amount of time in our kitchens. Gone are the days when it was a stand-alone room, separated behind a closed door and reserved for the sole cook and bottle washer. Who knew the innovative dishwasher helped start the great kitchen transformation […]

Save Time and Move in Sooner

Building new has many fantastic benefits, but also has its challenges. One of those challenges, is time, the time it takes to build a new home. After all, once you’ve pushed the go button, who isn’t focused on the glorious day you can step into your new home, right? At Longview Homes, we offer you […]

Built To Last Is Important when considering your next home

One of life’s biggest investments is building a new home. As a result, knowing it’s built to last is pretty important. Ultimately three key factors impact a home’s longevity and overall durability. These key factors are: Design and construction quality The skills of the professional team,including builders, architects, engineers and designers The quality of the […]

Add maximum value to your new build

As you plan your dream home, bach or next investment, it’s important to add maximum value to your new build. After all, who knows what the future might bring and when you might want to sell. So no matter how big your new build and when you might want to sell, budget and value are […]

How to Choose the Right Builder

You can make real progress now in preparing for your new home build while services are limited. Our last article talked about getting your finance and land sorted during lockdown. Today we’re going to talk about how to choose the right builder. The right builder = a good builder Not all builders are created equal […]

Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Building New

Do you dream of buying the perfect home but can’t find anything that ticks all your boxes? Building a new home can be your solution and part of that is to know the top 5 mistakes to avoid when building new. Building a new home means you’re able to create something tailor-made for you and […]

Building a Bach Or Holiday Home

A bach or holiday home is a great place to escape. If you’re thinking about investing in your own, consider building new. Here’s why building a bach or holiday home may be the best option for you. It’s a big jump between holidaying at your favourite place and owning a property there. It can be […]

Building New Versus Buying Existing

The question of building new versus buying existing is one we’re often asked. Making an informed decision is key, because, let’s face it – it’s a biggie! It’s likely you’ll have a long list of must haves, things you’ll put up with and definite no’s. Things like location, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, design features, […]