5 simple ways to get the best bathroom

5 simple ways to get the best bathroom

Bathrooms can sometimes be the most utilitarian of spaces. Generally, not a social space. But a place to get the job done. Sometimes not assigned a view or sun and more often, in the way of European design, not even a window. But they can also be places of calm, tranquillity and beauty. So, let’s take a look at 5 simple ways to get the best bathroom.

Superb layout

Harder than it looks. The floor area of any room is important to flow and feel and the smaller the area, the more critical it becomes. Good design and layout you barely notice, but bad design sticks out like the proverbial. So, every single element needs to interact smoothly and small certainly does not have to mean cramped. Nothing worse than having to shimmy around a shower door. A superb layout takes thought and care, however. If you’re interested, check out Dieter Sieger, an influential bathroom designer of the 1980’s.

Clean lines and continuous flooring

Start with something on the floor, which then leads to something similar on the walls. This helps create a feeling of seamless transition and space, by leading your eye from one surface to another. Using the same tiles on the floor and the walls for example. If it’s done well, it makes a bathroom look bigger and it also helps things like the shower melt into the background.

Floating your fixtures

Essentially, the more floor you can see the larger the room will look. So, rather than having your fixtures meet the floor, float your vanity, storage units and toilet above it. Hang it directly from the wall, rather than stand it on the floor. Floating your fixtures also makes cleaning much easier with whole floor access and there’s less opportunity for dirt to get trapped in tight places.

The walk-in shower

Clean lines on the floor also apply to clean lines in and around the shower. You can achieve this by using clear glass. A shower doesn’t have to be a square box with curtain! Or even have a door. Walk-in options for the shower are becoming more and more popular and a wet area means the bonus of easy access and less cleaning. It also means there’s no dilemma about which way to swing the shower door and the line of the floor easily segues into the shower, avoiding a step-up shower box.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Make good use of the reflective light with the positioning of a big mirror. Not only does it help double the feeling of space, but it also adds to the drama and style of the room. Thoughtful placement of lighting above and around the mirror goes hand in hand, resulting in a bright, well-lit bathroom. The finishing touch is a heated mirror. While it might sound like a luxury, once you’ve experienced a mist-free mirror, you’ll never go back.

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